Who We Are

The capturing of the priesthood of all believers in the local church is the role of every pastor. The ultimate team with the greatest latent potential is the local church. A congregation focused on service through giftedness can be an unstoppable force. Although a faith community can include business owners, cultural architects, entrepreneurs, professionals, parents, and children; the essential element of any church is its capacity for infinite collaboration in the gifts. We hope to add a new dimension of influence and aid to our congregations by releasing some of that potential through the recruiting, training, and mobilizing of new and undiscovered leaders. After all, the Great Commission is good news through giftedness.
Leader Development Team Facilitators

Our Goals and Desires

  • Our community includes business owners, cultural architects, entrepreneurs, mentors, professionals, parents, and young adults.
  • We are creating epic cultural and social impact through empowerment and innovation.
  • Our coaching models are being used in many contexts for a greater synergy of the staff and volunteers we are leading.
  • Our desire is to link the thousands of small group leaders so that they might provide the types of missional and experiential elements for a rich cohesion.
  • Our goal is to network and harness the infinite collaboration of our network by focusing on creating unique experiences to release and and mobilize latent and undiscovered leaders.
  • Our development models are built around resourcing through relationship.