This page contains links to our online learning portal, recent leadership presentations, and helpful links.

Online Learning Portal

OTL is an online learning environment for your church. It allows the development of the people you lead without them having to be physically present. This expands your “discipleship real estate” beyond the traditional times in the life of your church. OTL will allow you to use text, audio, images, animation, and videos to get your training delivered to your people. You can take what’s already been created and use it as is or make it your own.   There’s no limit to the number of courses. It is optimized for iPad-like devices and allows people to work on training during their busy day as they have time. You can even test and reinforce concepts. It has reports that allows you to track people’s progress. It provides for people to learn at their own pace. It also allows you as an administrator to check on their progress. If you like a course, you can duplicate it. If you want to make your own “brand” you can launch as a “branch.” Each branch for your church has its own URL, courses, users, and theme. By being part of the network, you save hundreds of dollars a year by us leveraging our collective use together. It even comes with embedded video conferencing, SCORM and Tin Can.
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Synergy Presentations

This is content from our annual conference called Synergy.
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Helpful Websites

People ask from time to time for a list of resources. Here they are. Some are extremely practical, others incredibly creative, and imaginative.
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Key Competencies

Contact Information

Please Contact Kelly Norris for more information regarding the Online Learning Portal.