Multi-Ethnic Life

We want to connect people with opportunities and resources that can help plant healthy multi-ethnic churches and/or transition homogeneous congregations to a more colorful and credible witness of God's love for all people in an increasingly diverse and cynical society. Please use this site as a resource in pursuing churches and content that reflect the kingdom of God.


The trend in our country is starting to lean towards coaching and equipping church leaders, ministers and planters to help them establish multi-ethnic churches.

What We Can Help With

We can help you stay encouraged through this process and avoid any spiritual burnout or discouragement.

Leading The Right Way

We want to help teach you how to lead by welcoming variety instead of forcing assimilation.

The Goal

We want to help you and your church become equipped for church planting or equipped for a transition from a homogeneous church to a multi ethnic culture.

  • God is not very interested in the church healing the race problem; it is more true God is using race to heal the church.
    Chris Rice-More Than Equals

Contact Information

Please Contact Oneya Okuwobi for more information regarding multi-ethnic life.