Since 2011, the Ohio Ministry Network has partnered with AG Coaching in the training of over a hundred coaches in our Network and we look forward to the training of many more.

Five-fold Goal

1) To develop an educational pipeline wherein new coaches can be trained and existing coaches can develop new skills.

2) To establish a coaching network that provides opportunities for existing coaches to collaborate and sharpen their skills.

3) To engender a culture that utilizes coaching for personal growth and development.

4) To provide a structure that connects those desiring a coach to obtain one.

5) To provide a means for the church to grow larger by growing deeper individually.

Upcoming Events

Each year, we offer a variety of trainings to help coaches take next steps in their development. Click the box for additional information on these events or to register.   The future of coaching in Ohio is to continue to grow a professional coach class but also to branch into new arenas such as having marriage coaches and parenting coaches within the local church.
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AG Coaching

The Willow Creek sponsored “Reveal Spiritual Life Survey” collected data from over a quarter of a million people in churches from every size, denomination, and geographic area. The study found that the least mature attendees often benefited from a church’s programming. It also found that the more mature were often “stalled” in their growth and had diminishing benefits from programming.

The researchers made two important observations: 1) this mature group of believers were dissatisfied that their church did not “keep them on track” as they tried to lead a Christian life and 2) they were disappointed that the church had not “helped them find a spiritual mentor.” Coaching can be an essential piece of leadership and growth in the local church.

The definition of coaching utilized by AG Coaching is “a developed skill set that moves the individual in personal and professional life from current reality to desired outcome through a spirit-led intentional partnership.”